Celia Briseid

A pink recipe for breast cancer awareness month

By Celia Briseid on 20th October 2014

It’s breast cancer awareness month, and besides making sure you are checking your boobs on a regular basis, it is also important to have and maintain a healthy diet. So in the spirit of the month, I have made this delicious dish that consists of the two colours that make up PINK, namely red and white. It is also super healthy and filling.

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Joel Williams

My veggie bag dinner

By Joel Williams on 14th October 2014

So the three staple veg that come every week in the Growhampton Veg Bag are potatoes, carrots and an Allium. Allium is the latin name for the onion family which includes all the onion, leek, chive, spring onion and garlic group of plants. The week I bought my organic veg bag, it included potato and carrot and of course a brown onion as the Allium. The three seasonal veg were parsnip, red cabbage and cucumber. I didn’t get around to cooking up my veg until Sunday and what better way to put such delicious organic veg to better use than a Sunday Roast! Of course, the best way to use our certified organic veggie bags is to combine them with whatever else is going in the fridge – so the other ingredients I happen to have floating around in my larder were garlic, chilli and haloumi cheese. So I splashed all these together to create a delicious grilled haloumi and roast veg spectacular.

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