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Happy, goofy chickens!

By Growhampton team on 28th April 2016

"If someone had told me, before I arrived to Roehampton, that you could take care of chickens on campus, I would not have believed them." Student Margaux tells us about her experience volunteering with the chickens.

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Growhampton team

Fuel your way through the exams and on to the after-party

By Growhampton team on 27th April 2016

"There are no wonder foods here in my nutrition advice, and that’s lucky because they often come with a price tag. To maintain optimal conditions for your brain to take in, process and apply a whole load of information during the exam period, you need to ensure it’s getting the nutrients it needs and is protected from stress hormones which rear their ugly heads around about now." Nutrition student Mary Elizabeth shares with us what nutrients we need for better concentration and focus.

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Hannah Burns

Excited about chickens!

By Hannah Burns on 26th April 2016

This was really scary at first, as I had NEVER been near a chicken before, let alone touched or held one - but by the summer I was in love.

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